Note: Some of the images presented on this web page are “Sisterships” photos of other Swampscott Dories, included here to add context, insight and information.  Those will be in a separate category than the images of the actual boat.



16’ LOA, 6” beam 3”, draft w/ centerboard up, 3’ draft board down.

Located in Wolverine Lake, MI


Rows, motors and sails, and arguably the most versatile small traditional boat ever built.

The fiberglass hulls are extremely well built, solid and durable.  All the woodwork is teak, spars are Douglas fir, and the hardware is bronze.  There is an optional very attractive solid teak panel along the sheerline .


Included with the boat: oars, trailer w/ bearing buddies, cover and frame, 99’ tanbark spritsail with reefs


Dories as a category of boats are generally considered the most seaworthy of all small boats, having proved their worth over hundreds of years of hard commercial use in the North Atlantic.  Their sheer lines are pure eye candy, and they are the epitome of class and tradition.  Swampscott Dories have been referred to as “The aristocrats of the dory family”.  The Crawford Swampscott, with its huge 6’ beam is extremely stable and seaworthy and has the added benefit of being able to be used as a sailboat, motorboat and rowboat.  It can accommodate 4 adults. Imagine the fun all that offers!  At about 450 pounds displacement is easily trailerable and easy to launch and can be rigged up fully in just a few minutes.  What a benefit that is in these busy times.




This particular dory is possibly one of the most beautiful examples of the Crawford Swampscott Dories in existence.  It was hull # 199 of the series of 200 Swampscott Dories.  It was built in 2000, the second to last of the boats before production ceased in 2000.  It was floundering in Virginia, mostly being unused and in need of a little TLC and a cosmetic renewal, but still a true “diamond in the rough. I bought it from the owner sight unseen and was awed at first sight at how good the boat was.  Because I wanted it for my own personal use, a sentimental trip back in time to the days before Melonseeds were in my life the these were the primary boats in my life, I spent several thousand dollars making the boat look almost as good as the day it was new.  A sprit boom, new hardware and rigging and other misc. upgrades were added.  The spars were stripped and a refinished with multiple coats of varnish, same with the teak and new Cetol.  I could simply summarize by saying that there was nothing I didn’t do that could to please myself and make this boat as perfect as possible.  It was a romance re-kindled to be sure.  The boat was gorgeous.


I used it occasionally for about two years, had my little romantic fling and decided it needed a new owner who would get more use out of it than I might.  Boat builders are busier than you can imagine in the sailing months! The boat’s appearance was refreshed to sparkling condition again and a new upgraded cover and supporting frame was added before the boat went to its new owner in Michigan.


The current owner has enjoyed the boat, however unexpected health issues have compromised his ability to use the boat as he would like and is offering it for sale for an extremely low price compared to the value of the boat.  If these Swampscott’s were brought back into production they would retail for close to $20,000!


There is an entire section about the Swampscott Dories on the Melonseed web page and there’s a huge amount of information about the boat if you click on this link:

There is also an old homespun video we made about the boat and the boat shop back in the 1980’s called “Swampscott Dory # 138 to be found here and I also on YouTube.  It’s quite entertaining!


       Roger Crawford



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