Note: The cover image presented on this web page is of a “Sistership” Swampscott Dory, included here to add context, insight and information. There is no jib, topsail or boom on this boat, only the 77’ mainsail. This will be noted in a separate category than the images of the actual boat.




16’ LOA, 6” beam, 3” draft w/ centerboard up, 3’ draft board down


This Swampscott Dory is built to SAIL, MOTOR AND ROW!


White fiberglass hull. Includes sail rig, trailer, oars, boat cover cove.  New Mercury 4 stroke, 4 HP motor with stand, Universal Type II life jackets, 3-pack, traditional (Danforth) 8 lb. Anchor & Rode Package and two fenders and assorted misc. equipment.  Mahogany woodwork finished with upgrade beautiful Sikkens Cetol “Natural” marine finish. Spars are all varnished douglas-fir.


This boat was brought into the shop at Crawford Boat Building late last summer and completely restored and refinished to the best possible condition for a boat of its vintage (1980’s).  Overall, it is fair to say that the boat is in “Excellent” condition and ready to sail, motor and row.


There is an entire section about the Swampscott Dories on the Melonseed web page and there’s a huge amount of information about the boat if you click on this link:    There is also an old homespun video we made about the boat and the boat shop back in the 1980’s called “Swampscott Dory # 138 to be found here  and I also on YouTube.  It’s quite entertaining!


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666