(not set up for sailing, but could be converted if necessary)

          $5,500  $4,995


Located in SE Massachusetts


L.O.A. 16’ 0”

 Beam 6’0”,  Beam @ W.L. 3’ 0

Displacement (approx.)  300 Lbs.

Transom height – 15” (short shaft)


For more information about the Crawford Swampscott dories go to:  http://www.melonseed.com/dory.html


This Swampscott is in superb condition for a boat of this vintage!


Dories were the first type of watercraft built in the New World when the Europeans first explored and settled this continent, and they are still in production today. North Atlantic fishermen have used dories for centuries, creating an unmatched legend of dependability and performance in even the most adverse sea conditions. It would be hard to find a boat more revered for its history of seaworthiness.   The Swampscott Dory, recognized as the aristocrat of the dory family, is considered to be the most eye appealing of all the different dory types.  In contrast to its cousins, the narrower straight sided dories, the Swampscott’s rounder sides, and soft lines make more graceful in appearance, a very smart sailor and pleasant to row. The fiberglass versions of the Swampscott built at Crawford Boatbuilding were built with exceptionally solid hulls.  This Dory has mahogany woodwork and bronze hardware.  If you were considering installing an outboard motor the boat would perform quite well in most situations with just 3 – 5 HP, and should not have an engine any larger than 6 HP.


The boat includes a full size LoadRite trailer that has never been in the water.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666