15' Wooden Melonseed


$12,750.- now $10,000


Professionally built, and an absolutely gorgeous piece of wooden boat workmanship! Only sailed a few times, and in superb condition. This beautiful boat was designed by notable boat builder, designer, waterman, historian of many things nautical and all-around good guy, Roger Allen.


Located in the Buffalo NY area.


She is 15ft, 5/16” in length by 4ft, 8 5/8” beam. It is a centerboard model. 100 sq. ft. gaff rigged sail.  A new Sunbrella cover for the boat will be made this Spring, and a buyer may choose the style they would prefer. That would be either a traveling cover, or one that would work with the mast, boom, gaff and sailed in place.


CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: The boat is built with BS 1088 Meranti plywood, 3/8” garboards and broadstrakes, with the remaining planking being ¼” of the same material. The outer keel, rubrails, cutwater, inner stem are oak. The keelbatten, plank keel, stern and hanging knees, rudder cheeks, structural floors, side, fore and aft deck beams are Douglas fir. The deck carlines, case logs, fore and aft king planks, case posts, sheer clamp, stringers, frames and assorted reinforcements are Southern yellow pine. The rudder blade, centerboard, centerboard case sides, hatch lid, decking are BS 1088 plywood. Floorboards are Western Red Cedar. The transom is mahogany. The boat is of glued lapstrake construction and the glue is thickened epoxy.  The galvanized Yacht Club trailer would most definitely be able to undertake a 1500 mile or more journey.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666