Ivory hull, beige deck, tanbark sail. Daggerboard model.


Located in Milwaukee, WI




Owner's comments:

The boat is in beautiful condition, freshwater use only.  Includes a new sail and new mooring cover, in addition to the original ones.  Also included but not pictured is a Seitech boat dolly. Hopefully, the pictures say everything.  I love this boat and when I used to live on Green Bay, I sailed nearly every day.  Sadly, I moved to Milwaukee ten years ago and I am not on the water.  The boat has been safely stored in my barn for a decade. Includes oars, covers (2), Sails (2), extra pair of raised oarlocks, protective covers for spars, daggerboard and other parts, trailer.


Roger’s comments:


Although I haven’t seen the boat since it was built, it’s obvious to me from my communications with the seller, and carefully looking at the photographs that the boat has been beautifully maintained.  It’s a fine example of how well Melonseeds hold their value when well loved and cared for.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666