2015 MELONSEED # 506  $11,500



Hull # RDBMS506F515




Dark green hull, beige deck, linen sail.


INCLUDES: Mooring cover, oars, name and pinstripe, Cetol, ensign on the rudder head, anchor galvanized Load Rite trailer upgraded to 12” wheels and with spare tire.




“Prism” is a gorgeous boat and a beautiful one to sail. Wherever I have been with it, she’s been an absolute head turner!  I really have been in love with this boat and therefore very sad to have to admit it to myself that I’m not using it because I’ve lost my strength and agility.  So, I’m reluctantly selling “Prism” because I realize that as I get older I’m increasingly unable to handle sailing in the unpredictable waters of the Hudson River, or trailering it back and forth to Florida every year.

All the paperwork for the trailer and, also the NY state registration and current inspection sticker are in order. Included with the trailer is a new spare tire mounted on the trailer.




“Prism” has been placed in our hands to manage the sale and transfer of the boat to her next owner.  In checking her over completely we found some surface scratching on the bottom and sides of the hull, and that was just about the only issue of concern with the condition of the boat.  In fact, the boat has been so well cared for by the owner that she brought it back to us for a little minor reconditioning about three years ago when it was only two years old.  To remedy the current cosmetic scratches we’ve completely resurfaced the green gelcoat on the entire hull, and to offer even more protection in the future we’ve applied a heavy coating of super-strong graphite (carbon fiber) and epoxy on the flat part of the very bottom of the hull.  As long as we were giving the boat some TLC, the mast, sprit and boom were given two fresh coats of varnish, and the Cetol finish on the teak was touched up, a total of about $800 worth of work.


“Prism” lives up to her name and is a beautiful example of a Melonseed Skiff that has been well loved and thoughtfully cared for.  She’s simply gorgeous and often mistaken for a new boat by all who have seen her in the shop.


At the very reasonable selling price of $11,500 which is about 70% of, and nearly $5,000 less than of the cost of an equivalent new Melonseed.



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666