Offered at the very reasonable price of only $8500!


Black hull, Ivory deck, tanbark sail.  Centerboard model


Located in Galveston, Texas


Owner’s comments:


I have sailed this boat on Galveston Bay for the past six years. Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly.  The Bay has a range of winds from 2 to 20 miles an hour on any day. Chop on the water can be very exciting.  I love sailing this boat so much that I’ve worn out three sails in six years.  The stability of the boat is amazing! It takes seconds to realize that the sail plan is very adequate.  The centerboard and mast are towards the front of the boat (like a cat rig). This gives the rudder exceptional power and responsiveness. The boat can be sailed by fingertips that provide resistance to the gentle pull of the rudder.  A strong gust of wind is easily handled with a slight move of the tiller and control is maintained.  I have sailed in waters and winds that caused other sailors at the club to ask what kind of boat it is.  They love the beautiful wood and spend long periods of time looking at the boat and asking for more information about it, which was always very gratifying. Unfortunately, with retirement comes other responsibilities like grandchildren and so I must give up my Mariposa to someone who can have as much fun as I did.


The hull has some minor scratching at the bow.  (Very little).  The boat is in really good shape and the wood and hull have been maintained. Spars are solid and straight. The boat comes with a brand new crispy sail, never used. The spare sail is available and can be used for a long period of time. Any flaws on the boat are minor at best.


The trailer is in good shape. I replaced the existing taillights with LED’s.  Tires are good, no rust on the frame. I have also added a spare tire and spare tire holder to the frame.


I’ve made slight modifications to the snotters. The lines are held by clam cleats that work very well. The boat comes with a brand new crispy sail that has never been used. The original sail is also included. The boat comes with a trailer spare tire with tire mount. Texas does not have titles to trailers but has registration that matched with a bill of sale can be used in your state to acquire a title. Please feel free to ask for additional pictures or close-ups of sections that you would like a closer look at. I am willing to drive the boat to any location for one dollar per mile to cover my expenses.





All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666