2013 MELONSEED # 487  “KELPIE”   $10,750   now $9,500

(“KELPIE” was the Annapolis boat show boat!)



LOCATED IN MARYLAND (20 miles from Baltimore)

Ivory hull, beige deck, tanbark sail.

INCLUDES: Mooring cover, oars, name and pinstripe, Cetol, galvanized Load Rite trailer and several custom items added by the owner.


Here are the “Owner’s comments:


I purchased the boat and trailer new in 2013 and have been the sole owner since. With the one exception noted below, both are in excellent condition. I've used it, on average, for a total of about two weeks each year in local Maryland freshwater lakes and reservoirs, as well the Roanoke and Currituck Sounds of North Carolina, and it stays under cover, out of the elements, from November through May.

All the original equipment is intact, although I replaced the cordage with buff-colored three-strand to give the boat a more vintage look and added a few marlinspike details (tiller grip, oar leathers, sprit leathers, and probably more Turk's heads than are necessary) that can be removed easily enough. I also added a Fortress anchor and a trailer jack.

The one thing that keeps the boat from being in like new condition is some cosmetic damage to the starboard side deck that occurred when the boat dragged its anchor and lodged against a newly built bulkhead during a light storm two years ago. A piling shattered the teak rubrail, and several bolts scarred the deck. (I can provide detailed photographs of this, which I took for the insurance company, if you'd like to see them to assess the damage.)  The hull was not compromised, and the Hartge Boatyard in Annapolis replaced the rubrail and repaired the gelcoat. The woodwork is flawless; unfortunately, they were unable to match the color of the deck precisely, nor were they able to recreate the same texture on its surface. I believe you can get a sense of all that from the photographs I sent earlier, but again I'm happy to take more if need be.


I have loved this little boat since the first time I set eyes on it, but I've been disappointed in myself at how little I've used it. I'm on the water from sunup to sundown when I'm in Carolina, but that's rarely more than a few days at a time in the summer and fall, and she deserves better than that.  I’d like to see “KELPIE” have a new home where she will please a new owner as much as she does me, and is used to her full potential.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666