MELONSEED SKIFF # 482  “ LULU III ” $9,000

Hull # REDBMS482E313


Located in Norwalk, CT


Dark blue hull, ivory deck, tanbark sail


With the exception of minor gel coat scratches reflecting the coarse nature of the sand on Norwalk Island beaches, the boat is in essentially “like new" condition.  It has been lovingly maintained and thoroughly washed, cleaned and dried after each sail.


Sold fully found and ready to use as follows:

  • Varnished spars and tanbark sail.
  • Varnished oars with traditional bronze closed oarlocks and heavy-duty rubber sleeves and stoppers.
  • Cetol-finished rudder, tiller, floorboards and cockpit coaming.
  • 4 Airex foam life-preserver cushions.
  • Folding backrest cockpit seat.
  • 10-lb. Coated mushroom day anchor & 50’ of 3/8” nylon rode.
  • 2 life vests (C02 activated).
  • Manual water pump.
  • Seitech beach dolly with custom-fitted Dynamic dolly wheels featuring non-friction ball bearings for effortless rolling, and also with the upgrade “fat” wheels that will roll over even sugar sand if necessary.
  • Removable custom-made trailer hitch attachment so dolly can be pulled by car (slowly) on steep

         launching ramps and private roads to long-term storage.

  • Waterproof mooring cover for storage above tide line and/or near launch site.
  • Custom-made Sunbrella cover (fits over mooring cover) for long-term storage.


(ROGER’S COMMENTS):  Not only is this a very clean boat, well-loved and properly maintained, but note that it includes probably $1500 worth of after market items and accessories the seller acquired that will be of great value and use to “Lulu’s” new owner.  This Melonseed is a very good value selling for only one about half the retail price of cost of a new Melonseed and equipment at current prices.

All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email

or by phone 781.837.3666