Like New 2013 Melonseed Skiff # 478 “Skylark”

$14,000  $13,000  NOW $9,250!!


Dark blue hull, ivory deck, tanbark sail


Centerboard model    Located in coastal southeastern MA


Here are the owner’s comments:


“Skylark” is as close to a brand new Melonseed as you will ever see but priced nicely below her full retail value when new. Old ski injuries and 30 years of sea kayaking have taken their toll on my shoulders, so it is time to pass Skylark along to another.  After sailing on Roger's Melonseed the was no other name for me but "Skylark"; an old Jazz standard by Ella Fitzgerald and by Wynton Marsalis. She moves seamlessly through the water with a grace that is impossible to capture.


Her total on the water time is less than 4 hours, most of that in fresh water.  She has not been in the water the for past six years, lovingly cared for, covered and stored in a heated garage for the vast majority of that time, inclusive of every winter.


Optional equipment included the mooring cover, name and pinstripe, oars, Cetol finish on the woodwork, a US ensign and flagstaff on the rudder head, the anchor package and cushions.


The accompanying Loadrite trailer was purchased new with the boat in 2013 and has the upgrade larger 12” wheels & a spare tire, custom fitted for Melonseed. The trailer hubs were repacked with synthetic Amsoil marine lubricant and Bearing Buddies.  There are less than 150 miles on trailer, and it is in pristine condition.


All original paperwork on boat and trailer available.





All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666