2011 MELONSEED SKIFF # 458 “SEAHORSE” $8,900


Hull # RDBMS458C111


Gunsmoke blue hull/beige deck/tanbark sail


Located in Alexandria, VA


Owner’s comments:


I hate to part with this beautiful boat, but my work schedule, unfortunately, does not allow much time for sailing and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's time for me to transfer this boat to a new owner who will have more time to appreciate her.


Condition: Both boat and trailer are in excellent condition. The Load Rite trailer, which was specially designed to fit the Melonseed, is ready to deliver Seahorse to her new home. It has fewer than 1000 miles on it and the tires are still in excellent condition. The boat, as you can tell by the pictures, is still beautiful. I did do one minor gelcoat repair on a small nick near the bow. The nick was about 1/4 inch in circumference, and I repaired it with the identical Gunsmoke Blue gelcoat that I acquired directly from the builder (Roger) to ensure an exact match. You would have to look closely to spot it. The mooring cover is still functionally in very good condition, although a bit dirty on the outside as the boat has been stored outside. With that said, my dry boat slip is mostly shaded, and I also put a full additional cover over the boat every winter to provide additional protection and preserve the beautiful color of the hull.


What comes with it: Load Rite galvanized trailer, trailer hand dolly (which I bought after market), mooring cover, and one pair of standard 7 1/2" oar.  It has Gold Mylar pinstripe and boat name "SEAHORSE" on the sheer line. Also, Cetol marine finish on all teak except floorboards.


Sailing activities: The boat has been sailed fewer than 20 times since I purchased it in 2011 and I am the original owner. All those sailing adventures were on the Potomac River in the Washington, DC/Alexandria, VA area, apart from one lovely day trip to Annapolis, MD to sail amongst the throngs of weekend sailors there. In Annapolis, I easily launched Seahorse with the hand trailer dolly at a dingy dock that was not accessible via car with trailer.  In all my experiences taking her out for a sail, I don't believe there was a single time when I didn't get at least one compliment at the dock about what a lovely boat she is. In fact, on at least a couple of occasions, people shouted compliments from other boats passing by on the water. And, I'm happy to report, the name Seahorse did not sound any alarms even when I was sailing in front the Alexandria waterfront. For those of you who may not be steeped in the nautical history of the War of 1812, Seahorse was the name of the frigate which led the British squadron that seized control of Alexandria, VA after the burning of Washington. My brother suggested I be pretentious and name my small boat after some famous British sailing vessel. But I couldn't resist the local history of a not-quite-so-famous one instead.


I have the certificate of origin for the boat. I also have a Virginia certificate of title for the Load Rite trailer you sold me. Only boats with motors need to be registered in Virginia, so there is no Virginia registration paperwork related to the boat.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com

or phone 781.837.3666