2000 Melonseed Skiff # 232 “Fancy”  $8,745


Dark green hull, beige deck, tanbark sail, centerboard model




Located at Crawford Boat Building, Marshfield, MA


Owner’s comments:

“I was only able to enjoy “Fancy” for three years before I developed health issues and haven’t sailed her since.  She was very well maintained during that time.”


Fancy’s owner delivered her to me to be sold on his behalf and agreed that he’d like to have the boat completely checked over and refinished into the best possible condition before offered to another Melonseed enthusiast.    She was in pretty good shape to begin, but we gave her 15 hours of TLC which included: completely renewing the gelcoat finish (you can see how high the gloss is in the photos), stripping and refinishing the Cetol on the teak, sanding down the spars and applying several new coats of varnish, replacing the rigging and tending to the numerous little details that only a proud builder could do for a boat.  The sail is in fine shape, and the trailer is quite serviceable.


You’ll notice that the “Fancy” is also equipped with a pair of Shaw & Tenney spoon blade oars in fine condition that currently retail about $400.


She’s certainly deserving of her name, and well worth her price.


                    Roger Crawford



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com

or phone 781.837.3666