2000 Melonseed Skiff # 224 “Sea Belle”      $6600.-


Hull # RDBMS224E000


Ivory hull, beige deck, tanbark sail.  Centerboard model.  Includes oars.


“Sea Belle” was built in 2000 for a family that has a summer home on the South River only about a half mile from my boat shop.  She was used lovingly by three generations of the family over the last 17 years, and I would often have folks stop by the shop during the summer months and tell me they saw one of my boats out on the river.  It was as much a source of pride for me as for the owners to receive compliments on how pretty she was.


“Sea Belle” is now available at a very reasonable price for a boat in this condition to bring joy to a new owner.


She came in the boat shop for a complete reconditioning last month and now is looking about as lovely as a used Melonseed could.  We restored the gelcoat on the hull to a high gloss, stripped and re-varnished her spars with several coats of new varnish, the teak woodwork on the boat was stripped and refinished with Cetol and her rudder and tiller refinished with gloss varnish.  All rigging and bungees were replaced.  The very bottom of the hull was coated with graphite and epoxy to resist scratching and abrasion.  Quite simply you can rest assured that the boat was given all the TLC that we could smother her with.


The sail shows a tiny bit of aging, although is in general in very serviceable condition with many years of use still possible, and those sails made for us by David Howard perform superbly!  Her mooring cover could use a little bit of repair work here and there to tighten up a little wear but is still waterproof and more than good enough to easily go for a few more years if necessary.


There is no trailer with the boat.  You can provide your own if you need one, or we can supply a new one if that’s the best option.


“Sea Belle” is located at the boat shop where she was built at Crawford Boat Building in Marshfield, MA.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com

or phone 781.837.3666