1995 Melonseed Skiff # 106  “V Barca”    $7,250  $6,750  $5,950

(Images posted June 23,2018)



Located in Guilford, CT

Dark green hull. Beige deck, tanbark sail.


Here are the “Owner’s comments:


I’m selling my Roger Crawford Melonseed after owning it for 12 years and have enjoyed every time I’m out on the water.  People who pass by in power or sailboats always let me know how beautiful it is and give the boat longing looks.  I friend of mine owned a large sailboat and a Melonseed,  and he would often find himself keeping the big boat on the mooring and sailing his Melonseed instead! Sailing my boat in salt marshes and open harbors following the whiffs of air along the edges and healing over on windy days out in the harbor has always brought me close to nature. I’m reluctantly selling because I’m moving into a different phase of life and would like someone else to experience the joy of being on the water in her.


Generally, the boat is in good condition, especially for a boat of her vintage. The hull is in very good cosmetic condition along with the deck looking like new.  The mast and boom have been recently varnished and all the teak has been kept natural for low maintenance.   The teak woodwork needs a little spiffing up.  It’s has oiled teak woodwork which is easy to refinish if one desired to maintain that look, or wouldn’t be difficult to sand down and apply Cetol if the new owner desired to do that.

The trailer is in good condition and has had little use, has new lights and the bearing have grease fittings.




All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666