MELONSEED # 90, $5,500



Excellent condition, Located Freeport, Long Island, NY


The hull is dark green and the deck is beige. The boat is equipped with the beautiful and expensive Shaw and Tenney spoon blade oars, a beautiful caned rowing seat, mooring cover as well as a custom hard cover for the cockpit, and includes a trailer. This Melonseed is a daggerboard version, true to the original drawings of the boat as they were built in the 1800’s.


Here is a brief the history of the boat by the owner:


My father purchased the boat in the late summer of 1994. Earlier that year he was diagnosed with cancer, and sold the last cruising boat he owned, a 40-foot schooner - but he just could not be without a boat. The Melonseed was perfect for him. Dad loved the craftsmanship and the fact that he could handle her solo. Sailing the boat was an activity he could do during his recovery that brought him great pleasure.


When my parents relocated from Long Island to South Carolina in 2013, dad gave the boat to us in 2013 - and with our busy work and family schedules, she wasn't sailed once. When we moved south in the summer of 2015, the Melonseed was relocated to a boat yard in Freeport, NY for storage. The owner of the boat yard is a friend of ours and HE had nothing but praise for the Melonseed! Aside from needing a good wash, he said, she is in excellent condition.



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666