MELONSEED # 82, 1994  $7,250  $6,750



Located in Springfield, MA.


Black hull, classy buff deck, relatively new daggerboard in okume plywood, tanbark sail, top of the line spoon blade oars by Shaw and Tenney, trailer ready to roll anywhere, new rigging, serviceable mooring cover and misc. extras.


This Melonseed, already in good shape for its age, was brought to the shop by the owner to have us upgrade its condition even more before it was passed on to a new lucky owner.  While a few insignificant scratches remain below the waterline, the black gelcoat finish on the hull was repaired, compounded, buffed and waxed and is now in very good condition (see photos!).  The flat section of the bottom of hull was given a coat of epoxy and graphite powder for a tough durable and easy maintainable finish.  All in all, the value of this upgrade was over $1400.  This boat is a prime example of how a Melonseed can easily maintain its value with some basic TLC.



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666