MELONSEED # 497, 2014  "Nancy Ann"

for sale by the original owner.


Much like hull # 483 which sold earlier this year on this brokerage page, “Nancy Anne” represents another great opportunity to get a Melonseed that is truly “like new” for a few thousand dollars less than new.  The boat is located in Holland, Michigan.

Here are the “Owner’s comments:


"I fell in love with the Crawford Melonseed during the summer of 2014, in part from reading glowing reviews in the sailing press, from Roger’s website and from personal accounts like Roger Rodibaugh’s films at the annual Melonseed Rendezvous at Crystal Lake, MI.  The primary driver of my infatuation has to be the lines, the shape of the thing, so sweet, so right.


I took delivery in November 2014, sailed once in foul weather and looked forward to the coming sailing season.


When I finally got to sail my Melonseed, the Nancy Anne, in early 2015, it exceeded my expectations.  It reminded me of dancing with a beautiful woman, with the lake surface as the dance floor, the wind as the music, and the sound of the waves as the beat.  It made a better dancer/sailor out of me.


Not that I don’t sail quite a bit.  In fact that’s my problem, I sail so much in my charter business, around 100 day sails per season, that time is at a premium.  And there is the racing activity on the charter boat, another 25 outings per season on Lake Michigan.  So, between the two, I’m out on a bigger boat, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379, about 125 to 130 times in our six month season here is western Michigan.  That is the principal reason I am reluctantly putting the Melonseed up for sail, I just can’t produce the time to enjoy this sweet boat.   Unfortunately for me, this boat has been sailed about 8 times, all in fresh water on Lake Macatawa in Holland, and the trailer has traveled less than three miles thus far.


One of the more thrilling aspects of owning the Melonseed is the speed.  As the English might say, I’m “mad keen on speed.”  I drove race cars for twenty years in my mis-spent middle age.  Same with racing the Jeanneau 379.


Yet the Melonseed offers even more thrills than big boat racing with an experienced crew.  When you have that Melonseed skimming along, quickly up on plane, hitting 9-10 knots easily and much faster in a blow, with just one hand holding the main sheet and one on the tiller, it is a thrill that one never tires of, and it’s all you, no crew required.  When I do have a crew on board, usually one of the seven grand kids, with their hand on the main sheet or tiller, there are grins all around.


This was a sweet romance I wish I could have continued."


$13,250 firm


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666