Melonseed # 396, 2007 centerboard model

As good as new, save $3,000!

Dark green hull, beige deck, linen sail


On occasion, we have seen a used Melonseed Skiff for sale that was worthy of words of praise that described its condition as near perfect, “Like new”, “good enough to be shown in a boat show as a new boat”, etc.  And indeed, while those boats were very good, Melonseed #396 is at least the equal of those other fine boats and perhaps the best used Melonseed I have personally seen.   The boat is a 2007 model that was only used four times during its first two years of ownership and then retired to indoor storage since 2009.


This particular boat presented us with a bit of a conundrum in that it really didn’t need much, if any work to be resold in excellent condition.  However, it was just so tempting to know that giving it just that little bit of extra work would make it even more special.   Frankly, we just couldn’t resist, maybe because It’s such gratifying work.  Were we guilty of “gilding the Lilly”?  Probably.




Apart from a few barely noticeable vague scuffs on her skeg, the gelcoat is perfect and gleams from a complete refinishing.  The hull only needed a basic wash and wax, but we also compounded, buffed, polished, and then waxed the gelcoat to a gloss the equivalent of a new hull just removed from the mold.  She’s stunning.


The teak woodwork is finished with Cetol.  It only needed a small touch up on the combings, yet we applied three new coats on the rubrails and a fresh new topcoat on the rudder and tiller.  The mast is one of the rare few we ever built in spruce rather than Douglas fir.  The spruce is a lighter wood and a very classy light blonde color, the sprit and boom are the standard fir.  All three have been refinished with several coats of fresh Epifanes gloss varnish.  They too look new.  A new rigging set and new leathers compliments the look of the spars.  The LINEN colored sail, is also in great condition.  As you might expect from a boat that was stored indoors most of its life, the cover is in excellent condition.  The new owner may have a new name of their own choice on the hull.


The trailer has less than 400 miles of travel on it, and we’ve added a new tongue jack for convenience.  The coupler size is 1 7/8” but can be upgraded to 2” if necessary.


Building new boats is the primary business goal of Crawford Boat Building, yet I’m encouraging anyone who is considering ordering a new boat to seriously consider the purchase of # 396 as a better financial move.   A savings of $3,000 vs. the price of the equivalent new boat makes this an offer not likely to become available again.


Roger Crawford


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666