MS #320  2003 “Sunshine Daydreams”, centerboard model


Mooring cover, oars, name and pinstripe, Cetol finish on the teak, beach dolly, lifting hardware and lifting bridle, dock crane.  No trailer. The boat is in overall good – average condition although it needs some cosmetic work on the gelcoat. The faded areas should buff out to a decent gloss again if given a good compounding.


Located in Beaufort, North Carolina





“It is with regret that I sell “Sunshine Daydream” but a serious back injury has sidelined my sailing for a while, and I feel that I should pass the boat along to another.  So, let's get this craft on the water where she belongs. If I recover, I will order another one!


This boat has been used and shows it. Bottom paint, bright work, rudder and tiller recently done, while mast and sprits might want some attention.  The boat is stored under our home with its original cover, with the port side facing SE and there is some fading on the blue paint, more so on that side. There are also a few gelcoat nicks on the nose from use. I did crack the boom one day long ago on downwind ‘episode’.    I did fix with epoxy and structurally it is fine now. You can see the repair.  It has held up well since then, and the event was fairly early on, so plenty of tests. The sails are used and have possibly been stored wet once or twice, but ready to go. They have never been cleaned with anything special. It may need new lace lines. I have replaced shock cords on oars and hatch.


We live between Beaufort NC and Pamlico Sound on Back Creek off Adams Creek which is the ICW.   In the summer here, SW winds are predominant.  This sets up a long reach up and down Back creek and out of the creek to Adams Creek and the ICW.   Travelers have come off plane and come along side to complement me. One looks good in this boat.  It is a fun boat to learn how to sail on as it worked fine right out of the box.  I had owned a sunfish prior, but no other small sailboat experience at the time of purchase. Over time I grew to understand nuances about the boat’s handling, and learned to be a much better sailor.   A jibe (with freshening winds) pulled off with ease and no sudden jerks is very satisfying.   The sky is the limit with this boat. Having only one sail is advantageous to learning.


The oars are lightly used but majorly banged around underneath (and out of sight). Someone who wants everything shiny will have to deal with that. For me the oars were a nice to have option when it made since not to sail.  I made no modifications the boat other than tying on the crab pot line day one.


For me, the absolute joy and value of this boat (besides just looking at it) is the low overhead of effort. For me, it was about an hour to roll out, launch, retrieve, wash and store the boat. So, I could get 3 hours of sailing in and have the boat put away between meals! The fun/overhead ratio is off the charts compared to most boats. This boat wants to be used. I have a dolly and a homemade dock crane which any purchaser will be welcome to.  Also the cover is in good shape.  I have no trailer.


Here are some pictures. Let me know if you would like more. The boat is stored as pictured. The side is exposed to morning sun and you can see the results. There is a couple of dings right on the nose of the boat, and scratches on both sides. I have replaced the elastic cord for both the hatch and the oars. We removed the cover and washed it a bit and took the rest of the pics. The cover came with the boat and is in good shape. I included one of the floor upside down, just so you could see the small failure there. The plywood reinforcement gave up a layer and the screws pulled through that layer. Nothing horrible, but wanted to show it. The black strap around the centerboard box holds a small bag that holds oar locks and misc. gear.”



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666