1995 Melonseed Skiff # 115, “Oscar” $ 5,000  Centerboard model.

Located in PA, about 50 miles from Philadelphia




Red hull, ivory deck, tanbark sail.


INCLUDES:  Cetol finish on the teak, oars, trailer.

Owner’s comments:


Everything is in relatively good shape for a 23-year-old boat.  The hull has some scratches on it from the trailer coming loose as you will see on one of the photos.


The wood is not cracked or split but could use some TLC with a few coats of Cetol. The sails are in good condition, not tears or rips.  I have the oars, but don’t have the oarlocks.   The rudder and spars are in good shape showing normal wear but no cracks or damage other than scratches from rubbing against each other.  The gold pin striping is rubbed off in two places from the cover rubbing it while traveling.


We have had a great time on this boat, from the outer banks to the Chesapeake Bay. We haven’t used it for several years, and so it’s time for a new home.


The trailer shows a bit of rust but is travel ready with all lights working. It has new wheels and tires, and the wheel bearings have been flushed and repacked.  PA title available.


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email roger@melonseed.com  or phone 781.837.3666