MS # 113 1995 “Hummingbird”.  Centerboard model.

Very good to excellent condition.




The boat is located in Connecticut.


A well-loved Melonseed seeking a new owner, “Hummingbird” is that classic color combination of the traditional dark green hull with the beige deck and a tanbark sail.  She‘s in remarkable shape, not just for her ’95 vintage but the equal of much newer boats.


Owner’s comments:


“The boat is in very good condition. The only damage I know of is shown in the labeled photos I sent you. It does have a new (unused) sheet and two snotters, and a practically new rudder and tiller that are factory replacements. The sail is in good condition (no damage) but well used.


The trailer was purchased for the purpose of bring the boat north when I bought it in 2014. It is a substantial trailer in very good condition with only a little minor rust on the base plate of the upright that holds the bow.  The trailer winch works well. There is a spare tire. All tires and wheels are like new. I have not submerged the bearings in water. I would not hesitate to pull the boat to Patagonia on this trailer.


Of course the boat is wonderful - we just decided that what we really want now is a pocket cruiser.”


In addition to the photos you see in this presentation the owner has kindly provided me with several detailed photos of the few very minor cosmetic issues that are on the boat.  How honest of him!  If you wish to see these as well, please include that request with your inquiry and they will be forwarded to you. I believe you will find them of little serious concern.



All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666