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The Melonseed Skiff by Crawford Boat Building is built to last. Of the over 500 hulls produced to date virtually all are offering their owners the same pleasure and reliability as when new.  The melonseed sail, rigging and other components can be easily maintained or replaced with original parts.  Because of this enduring quality Crawford Boat Building melonseed skiffs retain their value, and we are proud to present our melonseed skiff along with small craft by other boat builders currently for sale by their owners .


All inquiries should be made to Roger Crawford by email  or phone 781.837.3666

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The story of the Swampscott Dory is to a great degree the story of the beginning of Crawford Boat Building.  It was the first boat I built under my own name, in many ways my first true love in boat building, and the tale goes like this:


The Dory was designed by Jon Blanchard in the early 1970’s.  Jon had been a surfing friend and became my first employer and mentor in the boat building business.  He designed the boat solely as a motor and rowing boat.  While I was in his employ in 1974 I borrowed the dory mold to build myself a hull that I rigged up as a sailing dory with a conventional main and jib rig.  I used it with great enjoyment for two years, and while that rig was overcomplicated for this boat, it performed well.  When Jon’s business closed in the winter of 1975 I purchased the mold and rights to build it from Jon, and opened Crawford Boat Building in April of 1976 building the Dory as a rowing and motoring boat.  In September of ’76 I began offering the boat with a 77’ spritsail rig.  A few years later the sail area was increased to 99 square feet for better overall performance.


The early boats were finished with mahogany and occasionally oak, and from the mid 1980’s on with teak.  Not only was the woodwork and finish work lovely, but the boat was adorned with polished bronze hardware and traditional spars and rigging.


Used Crawford Swampscott Dories occasionally become available.  Often when I find them online, they have already been sold quickly, and they are occasionally referred to as “somewhat collectible” and “classics”.

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What’s the advantage of having Crawford Boat Building broker your boat?


In January 2016, mid-winter, had 5,582 page views from 1,145 viewers (40% return, 60% new) of which 683 were views of the brokerage page.


You will avoid the hassles of advertising, responding to inquiries, shipping arrangements and the minutia that is often necessary to consummate a sale.  We are able to provide both you and the buyer our expertise which includes a realistic assessment of your boat's value.


Building and selling small craft with enduring value is what we do.  We’ll start the sales process for you and when a prospective buyer is ready to purchase we will pass them along to you to answer any remaining questions and finalize the sale.


This is a comment on our brokerage service from a Melonseed owner:


“Dear Roger,


 I just want to thank you again for selling my boat. I would not have been able to get that

 kind of money for the boat by myself! So it’s 'win, win' I think.”



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