Previously owned and appreciated

Adirondack Guide Boat rowing boat.




Length: 12 feet x Beam: 37½ inches x Weight: 48 pounds.  Capacity: up to 300 pounds.

Located in Duxbury, MA.



This model, the 12-foot Vermont Packboat is Kevlar composite construction with a unique hull shape creating a light, agile, fast, safe, sea-worthy boat that is above all easy to row. This is a nice stable, simple and highly efficient rowing craft that due to its size and weight anyone can handle.  It can easily be loaded on to a vehicle roof for transport or carried by hand from cottage to beach with ease.  The boat would accommodate two adults. This might be the perfect rowing boat for a cottage on a lake or pond. A “friend of a friend” asked us to refinish the boat so they could offer it for sale in the best condition possible.  We refinished the beautiful cedar woodwork with an oil finish, cleaned the hull and interior, compounded, buffed and waxed the hull to a new gloss and rebuilt he graphite protection strip on the centerline of the bottom of the hull.  The boat comes with a very beautiful pair of special oars in maple that we also restored and varnished. The retail value of this boat (new) with oars is currently $3200 and it is available for $1,900, which is a very good price for this sweet little boat. Inquire at Crawford Boat Building 781.837.3666 or