About Owners

The letters and stories you sent to magazines, support at boat shows, outright individual sales campaigns, publication and printing of the Mainsheet, use of homes and property for regattas, willingness to attend and help out at the regattas, creation of T-shirts, Christmas cards and lapel pins, and perhaps most of all, your continuous praise of the boat... well, the list just goes on.... have all been invaluable.


Perhaps though, the most important help of all has been the personal words of support and encouragement. Your letters, photos, stories and phone calls are great, and sailing next to you is surely "as good as it gets". Thank you.

Roger Rodibaugh sailing “Three Cheers” the 3rd Melonseed we’ve built for him



“A personal note of thanks is in order after receiving my new Melonseed Skiff morning.  My gratitude for what sits in my garage demands immediate communication.  Gentlemen, your attention to detail and application of skill are apparent in your work, and for the first time in my life my expectations are exceeded.  I was unprepared for the visual impact that this boat makes in person.  My Melonseed is more gorgeous than even I, the eternal optimist ever expected”


“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with “Galia” MS # 203) and how fabulous the entire experience of Melonseed acquisition has been.  You made it all so simple from initial order to driving her away.”


“I am ecstatic about the Melonseed and how stable and secure it felt. What a wonderful boat.  I have to say that I am thrilled with it.”


“Thought I’d write you and tell you how happy I am with m Melonseed Skiff “Carrie Beth”.  I can say without hesitation that she is every bit as good as you stated.  Thanks for building such a wonderful and fun boat.”


Phone message received at the shop:  “This is Scott Wilf. I just received “Zoe” (MS # 130) today, and I’m flabbergasted!  I’m absolutely….I…it’s the prettiest boat I’ve ever seen!  It exceeds my expectations and I wanted you to know that I….well, I’m in awe!”


Second message received the next day: “This is Scott again.  The more I look at this boat, the more I am impressed.  You guys are unbelievable.  Phew….it’s good stuff.  You’re good for your word, that’s for sure.  Oh, by the way, this boat is WAY underpriced!”


“My Melonseed is the finest sailboat I have ever owned, and the best investment I have ever made in a boat.  Whether you are young, old or in between you’ll have more fun in a Melonseed than you ever imagined.”


“The Melonseed is wonderful.  Beautiful and fun. Easy to rig.  A pleasure to sail when the wind finds its way up our creek, and she rows a fine line when it doesn’t.  So, what could be wrong?  I’m not sailing my Crealock 37 as much as I used to.”


“I am pleased to tell you that our beautiful Melonseed “Alpine Rose” has been such a source of joy.  She continues to be a head turner no matter how many times people see her.  I was really amazed at how seaworthy and stable she was in the roughest weather I’ve encountered in a small boat.  Thanks again.  You build a wonderful boat.”


“Even with my inexperience, rigging the boat only took four minutes.  The snotter arrangement for both the sprit and boom are marvelously simple.  She has made me proud by her trustworthiness, beauty and personality.  I feel a satisfaction of ownership that I sense is rare these days.  Thanks for your farsighted vision, your high quality product.  I love it!”


“She strongly shouldered each wave, converting it to spray rather than pounding over it.  Her kindly bow with its hollow sections gently sliced through the chop.  Though it was gusting to 20 I never needed to luff the main.  She just sailed along in harmony with the weather.  I could go on and on about how great my Melonseed is.  I love it!”

“If you have a big boat, you have to spend so much time paying attention to sailing that you can’t play make believe.  Where’s the fun in that?”


                                                                   Karen Pautz, Melonseed # 267 “Folderol’